Development of AlgebraByExample was led by Julie Booth (Temple University) through a SERP collaboration with the Minority Student Achievement Network (MSAN). The SERP-MSAN partnership has been supported to conduct this work by The Goldman Sachs Foundation and by the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education, through Grant R305A100150 to Strategic Education Research Partnership Institute. The information provided does not represent views of the funders.

AlgebraByExample Team

Principal Investigators

Julie Booth (Temple University), Research and Development Lead

Suzanne Donovan


Andrew Elliot (University of Rochester)

Kenneth Koedinger (Carnegie Mellon University)

Juliana Paré-Blagoev, Project Director

Doctoral Students

Adam Augustine (University of Rochester)

Karin Lange (Temple University)

Kelly McGinn (Temple University)

Melissa Oyer (Temple University)

Program/Research Support

Francie Eyer

Allie Huyghe

Simon Saltzman

Graphic Design/Media

David Dudley

Matt Ellinger

George Gumulinski


Hyman Bass (University of Michigan)

Geoffrey Borman (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Jackie Eccles (University of Michigan)

Special thanks to the teachers, administrators, and students who were essential to the project, but who cannot be named for confidentiality reasons.