"Poster Problems" are two-day math lessons designed for diagnostic teaching.

When teachers become skilled at managing the classroom and in providing motivating activities for students, we believe that they should then aspire to reach the next level: diagnostic teaching. In diagnostic teaching, teachers focus thoughtfully on what students do and do not understand and then adjust accordingly.

Mathematics lessons from typical textbooks often are not designed so that the thinking of the students is surfaced and open for teacher analysis in real time. Therefore, we developed a six-phase system to work through an engaging problem over two days. All of the Poster Problems are aligned with the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics.

The 12 problems here are designed to shed light and to contextualize a math topic crucial to the sixth- and seventh-grade levels. The approaches students will use with these problems should vary, ranging from below grade-level mathematics all the way up to grade-level mathematics (or beyond!). This provides teachers an ideal opportunity to link multiple representations as they strategically lead students in discussions about the mathematics.

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