Knowing Nets

Sixth Grade Poster Problem

This problem is intended to open student’s imagination and to create a discussion on the main topics of the 6th-grade geometry standards: polygon area, prism volume, coordinate geometry, and nets of prism edges. This lesson plan begins with a discussion of geometrical nets, allows for the connection of geometry and Cartesian coordinates and extends the generalization of two dimensions to three-dimensional rectangular objects.

This lesson also lays a foundation for the computation of Cartesian distances and for when the Pythagorean Theorem and square roots are introduced later.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine and identify nets and their properties and relate nets to solid figures.
  • Determine lengths of figures by using a coordinate plane.
  • Determine area measurements of rectangles and right triangles (composing and decomposing).
  • Finding multiple nets for the same triangular or rectangular prism.
  • Determine the volume of a triangular prism by comparing it to a rectangular prism twice its size.

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics:


  • Scissors
  • Tape

Teacher Tune Up:

What is a net?

The Lesson Plan:

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